How to get the most out of your new garage

New Zealand’s garage owners are finding out the hard way just how much they love the place.

The country is one of the few developed countries in the world where the number of new garage projects has increased.

The cost of a new garage project has gone up by an average of around $50,000 over the past five years.

The average cost of new car repairs has risen by more than $500,000 in that time.

The trend has started to pick up here in Auckland, with some councils asking people to consider moving out of their homes.

New Zealand’s Garage Owners Association has launched a campaign, Garage in Your Garden, to get people talking about garage maintenance and the benefits it brings to their communities.

“We know from experience that people who don’t have the space to do their garage maintenance will end up paying more than people who do,” said Graeme McCall, executive director of the association.

McCall said people were being asked to move out of a garage because it was too much work, or because they had to spend too much money.

“We don’t want to hear about how much more you’ll save if you move out than if you stay,” he said.

Auckland Council said it was making changes to its new garage policy to encourage more people to move into their garage.

“This includes giving people the option to purchase a new house in their new garage for a nominal sum and to share their garage with friends or family members,” a council spokesperson said.

“There will also be a reduced fee for new owner to purchase their garage.”

In the past, council officials have asked people to pay $50 per month or $1,000 a year to rent a garage for up to three years.

It has also encouraged people to rent their garage for less than their current rate, with the first year free.

“It’s great to see people taking advantage of these incentives to spend money that they don’t currently have,” the spokesperson said, adding that council was also encouraging people to look for more opportunities to save money.

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