How to avoid getting stuck in the mud

A mud slide has hit an SUV near a parking lot in the Bronx, but that’s not stopping the owner from using the slippery pavement to her advantage.

The driver, a father of two who goes by the name of Tony, was driving through the area Monday night when a mudslide began.

Tony told Eyewitness News she was trying to make her way to the back of her car when she was slammed against a parked vehicle, knocking it over.

Tony, a licensed plumber, said the vehicle slid through the mud into a pond.

Tony said she had to get out of the car and crawl into the mud for about 15 minutes.

Tony said the SUV slid through several feet of water, causing it to roll over and hit her car.

The owner of the SUV, who has not been identified, was not injured.

The Associated Press is not naming the vehicle owner because the owner is still being investigated.

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