How to Build a Solar-Powered Stacked Parking Lot in 20 Minutes

A solar-powered parking lot has been installed in a city in northern Mexico.

The solar-electric car-parking system was built by the Mexico City City Parking Authority (CPC), which was given the green light by the Mexican government to use solar power to reduce the city’s carbon emissions. 

“The parking lot can generate 50,000 kWh of energy per day, which is enough for the city to generate 2,000 cars per day,” a spokesperson for the CPC told the BBC. 

According to the CUPO website, “The parking area is equipped with a solar energy generator, which can generate electricity for 50,00 electric vehicles, and the solar energy can be stored for the future.” 

A parking lot like this one can be built on the city grid, meaning it will not have to be retrofitted every time it is replaced. 

The solar power system was installed in the middle of the city on a residential street, and has a capacity of 5,500 solar-energy cars per month.

The parking authority also plans to install a solar-parked car-rental service in the future, and hopes to be able to build a solar power facility at the end of the month. 

This is a huge win for the people of Mexico City, and we’re glad to see them make the move to a sustainable future.

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