Trump Administration, Infrastructure Week: What to expect next week

The Trump administration announced Tuesday that it will be hosting a Infrastructure Week event on Thursday in the West Wing, the first of several “focus groups” it plans to hold in the coming weeks to see what the public wants from the Trump administration’s efforts to modernize the nation’s infrastructure.

The event will include a briefing on how the Trump Administration plans to improve infrastructure and how the Federal Transit Administration will help provide financial support for the Trump Infrastructure Week initiative.

In a statement, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said that the focus groups will be “designed to explore best practices and how to address current issues.”

The Trump Administration is also planning to hold a second focus group on Wednesday in the East Wing to “determine next steps” on how to modernise the nation and the nation infrastructure.

Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are expected to attend the two-day event.

The focus groups are intended to help the administration understand the public’s concerns and provide recommendations to the administration, according to the White House.

In its statement, the Trump Department of Transportation also said that it is “actively working to modernisation” the nations transportation infrastructure.

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