Month: August 2021

When you need an asphalt driveway and no one’s coming?

New Jersey’s New Jersey Institute of Technology is getting ready to install a $10 million asphalt driveway on its campus.The driveway will be installed along the Nittany Lions’ new football stadium.New Jersey Institute for Technology President Michael Hargrove said the road is designed to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety and traffic flow, and will help […]

New study finds that wearing an asphalt dresser or chair can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease

A new study out of the University of Michigan shows that wearing a pair of sturdy, sturdy clothing may increase your chances of developing heart disease or stroke.The study looked at the impact of wearing asphalt clothing on people who were given blood pressure monitoring and measured the blood pressure with a computerized device.The researchers […]

The melting asphalt

The most common answer from Reddit users when asked if the city’s roads will melt this summer is no.The answer isn’t that simple.The city of Portland has already spent $1.3 million of its rainy-day funds to replace roads in several areas, including its east side, which will cost about $400,000 per lane.The city’s transportation department […]

When asphalt shingle is made of asphalt

The color of asphalt is determined by the amount of asphalt in the asphalt slurry.Asphalt shingles can be either asphalt red or asphalt blue, but they are usually all the same color.This can be confusing.The color is actually determined by a process called “matrix scattering” which involves mixing the two colors together.As the matrices scatter, […]

How to fix traffic on a Washington patch

By JONATHAN CRAWFORD and PAUL SAGETOIS for The Washington TimesWASHINGTON — Washington’s new street sweeping and traffic-clogging patch, where drivers can cut through asphalt to make room for new construction, is expected to save motorists about $15 a day by 2020, the federal government said Monday.The city’s effort to keep traffic moving through a major […]

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