B.C. Green asphalt services: What you need to know

Vancouver, B.K. – The B.c.

Green paving service is going through a major update.

The city says they’ve added over 300 new asphalt pavements, including a new section of asphalt paving that runs across Main Street.articleThe new paving has been approved by the City of Vancouver and is expected to be operational this year.

The new asphalt section will extend to Main Street and the west end of the city.

The project was started by the city and BC Hydro in 2009.

The B.ca Green asphalt service will provide the city with asphalt for a number of different areas.

They will be used on roads and bridges in Metro Vancouver, on arterial roads and other arterial streets, on sidewalks in Downtown Vancouver, and on sidewalks along major thoroughfares.

The new asphalt will be placed on major arterial roadways.

The city says the paving has also been able to remove dangerous pavement from city streets.

“We have seen that we have a high level of street safety, including in Downtown Victoria, and we are pleased to see that the City has taken a strong stance to remove these areas of roadways that cause problems for pedestrians and cyclists,” said Chris Leong, Chief Operating Officer of the B.coGreen asphalt service.

“We are also pleased to note that the new paving will be installed on a much smaller scale than before.”

A recent survey showed that more than 90 per cent of residents in Metro BC support the city’s use of asphalt for street paving.

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