Aussie driver to get hit by a bus after using street paint as a roof

Australian driver Alex Fauci is set to be hit by an oncoming bus after he used street paint to cover his car’s windshield.

The accident happened at about 2:15am yesterday on the M4 in Queensland.

Alex Fauccis car has been damaged, and police are appealing for witnesses.

“It’s quite serious.

It’s a major traffic hazard on the motorway, and I don’t think it will get any worse,” he said.

Witnesses said the accident happened in front of an empty building on the westbound M4 near the town of Ashburton.

An off-duty road worker was also involved in the collision.

Police are asking for witnesses to come forward.

Mr Faucci was in his car when he saw the bus approaching from behind.

He said the driver of the bus looked to be intoxicated and was talking to the driver in the front passenger seat, who was on the phone.

“[He was] clearly drunk,” Mr Faucius said.

“I thought the driver would be OK, I didn’t think he would be hit.”

Mr Gaudiosi said he thought the car was about 30 metres from the bus.

“(The bus) was just a little bit of a blur, and the road wasn’t clear, so I couldn’t see the bus coming,” he told ABC Brisbane.

‘It’s a serious situation’Mr Fausci said the bus driver appeared to be drunk and driving with a low-registration vehicle.

It’s not known what caused the crash.

A preliminary investigation found the bus was travelling northbound when the collision occurred.

Road safety spokesman Inspector Steve White said the road was “very well marked”, but there was no sign of the collision at the time.

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