How many cars can fit on a trailer?

What if your trailer could hold a full truckload of vehicles?

That’s the challenge the team at Southeastern Auto Care decided to tackle with the help of a truck that can tow 2,000 pounds of equipment and has been in the shop for over five years.

The team, which has been working on a vehicle that can do both, began by measuring the truck’s capabilities and then decided to put the new trailer in the wild to see how it would fare in the real world.

“I knew that we had to put it in the trailer and test it and see if it could handle a trailer,” said Josh Pyle, the director of operations.

The truck has been outfitted with a 1,500-gallon fuel tank that can hold up to 2,300 pounds of cargo.

That cargo is carried inside the trailer, and Pyle said the trailer’s cargo capacity is a factor of 1,800 pounds.

The trailer has also been given a full set of windows, and the front and rear doors are closed so the trailer can stay in motion while the vehicle is being hauled.

“We’ve also got a bunch of different sensors to make sure the trailer is still moving,” said Pyle.

“So we’ve got a lot of things that we can track that the truck is able to do, like when we move the trailer around and when it goes over bumps and stuff,” he added.

Pyle said he has a long history with the company, and says he is always on the lookout for ways to improve the truck.

He said the team has been able to make several tweaks to the trailer since it was first purchased, and added that they will continue to work on adding new features as they are able.

Pyles said he is excited to have a trailer that is ready for the road.

“The last two months have been crazy, and I’m glad we finally got it in there,” he said.

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