NY contractor, green NY, gets $1.1 billion to fix crumbling roads

N.Y.C. asphalt contractors are getting a $1 billion gift from the state that will help them repair crumbling roads and streets.

New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday the grant will go to asphalt contractors who will be able to install green pavement along the state’s major arteries, including the Central Park West and the Bronx.

The grant will help repair and improve roads and bridges along the Central Parkway, the Manhattan-Queens Expressway, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Bronx River and the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel.

It also includes $1 million for asphalt sidewalks and street lighting along the New York State Thruway.

The money will be spent to repair the deteriorating streets of Manhattan and the Lower East Side of Queens.

The state’s main contractor, the New Jersey Department of Transportation, will also receive $500 million for the construction of green pavement in the state.

The federal government will also get $1,000 million for paving in the country.

The $1 trillion state is trying to get to a $30 billion transportation deficit.

It is one of the largest such federal aid programs ever created.

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