Lowes to install asphalt driveway in South Yorkshire

A Lowe’s has installed a new asphalt driveway for the first time in South East Yorkshire.

The company said the new driveway was installed at a property on the South Downs in Shrewsbury, a county on the edge of the South Yorkshire border.

Lowes said the project, which started in the autumn, was part of the company’s “dedicated, long-term investment in local roads” and it is one of many in the area.

The local authority said the driveway is the first to be installed in a major road construction project in the county.

Lowe’s said the company, which has offices in several countries including South Africa and the United Arab Emirates, had invested more than £2m in the country.

It is one in a number of high-profile projects in the region that include the construction of the first high-speed rail link in the UK and the first round of new rail links between the UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

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