Day: October 15, 2021

What you need to know about asphalt burning

It’s not just the fire in your driveway that’s burning.It’s the asphalt.And when that asphalt burns, it releases all kinds of dangerous chemicals.Here’s how to protect yourself.The fire that’s killing millions of people in America’s backyard is called “road salt,” and it’s basically the same thing as asphalt.Asphalt, it turns out, is just one of […]

Why asphalt cracks when it comes to asphalt repairs

The cement is the key to a proper asphalt cracking repair, says Ron Goss, president of the Asphalt and Rides Association of America.It’s the material that holds the asphalt together.The cement gets broken by weathering, which can cause the concrete to crack.If the cement cracks, it can break apart, resulting in cracks in the concrete.Goss […]

UK government approves new petrol-powered vehicle – but only on petrol – for public transport

The UK government has approved the use of new petrol vehicles in its new transport system, but only if they are fuelled with “asphalt shingle” as a means of protecting pavements.The UK’s first petrol-electric hybrid vehicle (PEV) will be produced in 2018.However, the government’s plan for the new vehicle, which will be a “miniature” electric […]

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