A New York City street-level asphalt tamper cost more than $150,000

ASHLAND, N.J. — A New York street-surface pavement tamper costing more than half a million dollars can be blamed on a $300-a-head gas station.

Asphalt Roller has been in business for more than 30 years in New York’s South Bronx.

A few years ago, the company installed a metal gate that is supposed to keep the dirt out of the pavement.

But it was too big for the gate, and the gate was a mess, so the company had to buy a new one, the owner of the new gate told ABC News.

“The gate was huge, and it had to be cut to get it through,” said the owner, Tom Storch, who said he is a veteran of the industry.

The gate is supposed the tamper will be “a deterrent, but it’s not working.

It’s costing us millions of dollars.”

“It’s a very serious issue,” Storp added.

According to a company website, Asphalt Roller was established in 1997.

It is now a major asphalt contractor in New Jersey.

One of the more popular street-side tamper installation services in New Zealand is the $1,200-a or $2,200 a head gas station installation.

In New York, that number is closer to $5,000 a head.

While it’s unclear what happened, the contractor’s website says, “A large portion of the cost of the tampering was the installation of the metal gate.

This was the work of a contractor who had to have the gate cut to the correct size.

The gate was so large that it would take two people to move it through.”

The owner said that although he has heard from other contractors that the gate cost him about $60,000, he doesn’t believe it’s that large.

He said the cost to install the tampered gate is around $400 to $500, but that he would not use the gates if it wasn’t for gas stations.

If you’d like to see a video of a tampered sidewalk, click here.

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