Why we are the happiest people on earth

The happiest people in the world are, in fact, people who work.

So why are they so happy? 

One of the reasons, according to one expert, is because they are happy. 

“We can be happy and content, and we can’t be sad,” said Dr Peter Smith, a psychotherapist from the University of Oxford who has worked with people suffering from depression.

“We get depressed, and the idea that we’re somehow not happy is just untrue.” 

He said people who were happy tended to work less and were more productive, so they were happier than those who were unhappy. 

Smith said there were two reasons for this. 

One was that being happy allowed people to focus on their own lives.

“We know that if you’re doing something that is good for you, you’re not just going to do it for the sake of doing it,” he said. 

The other reason was that it was easier to be happy because you had a greater chance of happiness. 

People who are happiest often have a stronger relationship with others, which in turn helps them to be more compassionate, Smith said.

“The more we feel we’re in control of the situation, the more compassionate we can be,” he explained. 

Some people are more motivated to be happier than others, so being happy can be beneficial to some people. 

Dr Chris White, who works at the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London, said that people who worked hard were happier, because it made them feel like they were contributing to the world. 

He also said people tended to be happiest if they were motivated to work harder, which was what people were doing when they were working.

“I think the best way to improve our happiness is to work on it,” said White. 

But there is a difference between being happy and being content. 

White said if someone is being happier, that’s good. 

There is evidence that being content can be associated with better mental health, including depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. 

And while being happy does help people be more productive in the workplace, it doesn’t necessarily make them happier. 

However, Smith agreed that people are happiest when they feel they have a strong connection to their colleagues and are able to express themselves. 

If you’re feeling a little bit depressed, or a little stressed, or just not sure what to do next, Smith suggested you might want to talk to your GP. 

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