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Asphalt impassible board, asphalt jungle and asphalt green are all the rage in the Israeli city of Longview.

But with a city-wide ban on asphalt-based building materials in place, the city is no longer the scene of an asphalt jungle, as the title suggests.

The city council has passed a law banning the use of all asphalt and sand as a building material, except in exceptional circumstances, such as to create “hazardous conditions” for pedestrians and cyclists.

The move was prompted by a spate of fatalities in Longview, including one death that was not even related to building materials, the Jerusalem Post reported.

According to the city’s website, the law was enacted to address “safety concerns,” with the goal of protecting pedestrians and bicyclists from “dangerous conditions.”

Asphalt jungle is an extremely durable and durable product that has long been used in buildings, and is used in construction, construction projects, and construction sites, the website stated.

The site added that the city has a “long history” of working with industry on the use and safety of asphalt- and sand-based products, which is why the council voted to ban the use.

“The city has long worked to improve the quality of life for all citizens and to protect them from dangers that come from the use, sale and transport of products derived from asphalt,” the city council said in a statement.

“Asphalt impasses easily and is a common building material.”

While the ban may not be permanent, the council said it will “continue to look into how we can work with the industry to help protect pedestrians and make sure that these products are used safely.”

The council said that it has already started to work with companies to find ways to use these products, the Post reported, adding that the ban is a “significant step in improving the safety of the city.”

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