How do you burn asphalt?

The heat from the sun can burn away any remaining asphalt that’s left.

That can lead to a fire.

Here are some tips on how to keep your roof and garage looking good, as well as what to do if you find an old car that’s been burned.


Inspect your roof before you buy it.

The first step is to inspect your roof.

This is usually done by putting a coat of oil on your roof, and then cleaning it with a dry-erase marker.

If the coat of oils doesn’t come off easily, it might be because you haven’t inspected your roof carefully enough.

In that case, replace the coat with a fresh coat.

Also, don’t forget to clean the edges of the roof before painting it white.


Find a new roof to replace your old one.

You might have an old roof that’s gone bad, or you might have a roof that needs to be replaced.

To replace your roof with a new one, check with your insurance company.

Make sure the new roof is the same as the one you bought.

Also check to make sure your roof isn’t damaged or missing any roof trim.

You can find a list of local roof contractors by going to


Install a roofing sealer.

This sealer is applied to your roof by a local contractor.

Make the sealer on the inside of the hole, and seal it around the outside of the area that has been damaged.

If you have an existing roof, make sure the sealant doesn’t damage it. 4.

Install roof insulation.

Insulation from roofing products like tarps, foam, and other insulation is designed to stop the fire from spreading.

It’s designed to last at least a year, but sometimes it will burn down after only a few months.

For this reason, install a roof insulator to protect your roof from the heat.


Use fire extinguishers.

Use your fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire.

You may need to put it on the side of your car that was damaged or on a side of the garage or attic that has a fire danger rating.


Be careful when leaving the house.

If your car is still hot, don,t drive to the house to look for the fire, as the flames will burn it down.

Instead, make a plan to get out of the house before it starts.


Watch out for your garage door opener.

If a door has been opened, don.t pull on the door to check if there’s smoke.

Instead wait until the smoke clears before driving to the garage.


Do not park in the parking lot or on the street if you have a fire risk rating.

You should drive to your local fire station and check the fire safety rating for your vehicle.

You will need to pay to have your vehicle inspected by a fire official.


Check to see if the roof has been repaired.

It might be that you have damaged the roof.

If so, you can have your roof replaced.

But if it’s a new coat of asphalt, it will take a while for the new coat to dry, so you’ll have to wait for the asphalt to dry before you can start the repair.


Keep an eye on your car.

Make a plan for when you can go out and get some sun.

If that day comes, take some photos and post them on social media.

You could be helping someone else to get a roof replacement or can you imagine that you could see a fire if someone else were to get in the way?

Share your photos and videos to help people understand how to safely remove their roof and prevent a fire from starting.

Contact the N.C. Department of Health at 1-800-829-2828 for more information.

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