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How a small, rural community’s asphalt patch repair shop saved its life

Asphalt patches are one of the most common roadside repairs people do to prevent erosion.They’re also one of their most expensive, so they’re the one that can save the most money, says Mike Hagerty, who owns a local patch shop in the small town of Rockland, Maine.HagerTY’s patch repair business, The Patch Repair, has been […]

Asphalt paving: The most expensive paving material in the world

Asphalt is one of the cheapest paving materials available.You can buy it for as little as $5 a meter for concrete and asphalt, which makes it a great candidate for building, a landscaping product that can be a great alternative to concrete.However, asphalt is often used for a multitude of other uses, including concrete for […]

“I am an old-fashioned woman who has the right to be free of this shit”: Teenager fights to have her tattoo removed

Teenager Hannah Tamberelli is fighting to have the word “rape” removed from her name after her parents fought against it.The 18-year-old told MTV News that she started to fight the removal of the tattoo because she believed it was “wrong to have a word that is meant to be degrading”.“I don’t like it because I […]

The Lad: The Complete Guide to the Rock-Solid Art of Rubber (Hardcover) book title The Complete Lad Bible – The Complete Illustrated Guide to Rubber

title The best and the worst of Rubber!The best is hard to come by.This book gives you a full, step-by-step guide on how to pick the best rubber for your application.You’ll learn all about the ins and outs of the rubber business, how it gets made, and how to apply it with the precision you […]

Why asphalt cracks when it comes to asphalt repairs

The cement is the key to a proper asphalt cracking repair, says Ron Goss, president of the Asphalt and Rides Association of America.It’s the material that holds the asphalt together.The cement gets broken by weathering, which can cause the concrete to crack.If the cement cracks, it can break apart, resulting in cracks in the concrete.Goss […]

The Latest: ‘Toxic’ asphalt shingle installation to be phased out by 2020

By 2020, asphalt shings will be phased-out and replaced with a cheaper alternative to asphalt.A report by the Centre for Climate Change and the Environment (CCCE) says the change could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by between 6 per cent and 9 per cent by 2030.It recommends the government make an example of installing asphalt shinging […]

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