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The tech industry has a new term for when the tech industry is in the toilet

The tech sector is in a “terrible” place, according to a report by consulting firm Technomic.The report, called “The Technology Sector: What It’s Doing Right Now and What It Needs to Do Better,” says the tech sector has become increasingly dependent on government assistance.Technomic’s report is based on an analysis of a variety of data […]

U.S. government approves $1.2 billion for asphalt binder replacement

The U.N. General Assembly passed a resolution Wednesday to approve a $1 billion project to replace asphalt binders and other building materials used in the nation’s cities and towns.The project, which is funded by the U.K.-based British firm M.G.M. Construction, will use cement, concrete and steel to build up the country’s roads and other infrastructure.The […]

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