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New study finds that Israeli settlers are driving up Israeli pollution and pollution of rivers and streams

Israel is responsible for about half of the global average of CO2 emissions from land use and transport, a new report says.The study by the environmental consultancy, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), said Israel has more than 50,000 settlers living in more than 20 outposts around the country, including areas of Jerusalem, the West Bank and […]

New study finds that wearing an asphalt dresser or chair can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease

A new study out of the University of Michigan shows that wearing a pair of sturdy, sturdy clothing may increase your chances of developing heart disease or stroke.The study looked at the impact of wearing asphalt clothing on people who were given blood pressure monitoring and measured the blood pressure with a computerized device.The researchers […]

How to clean up asphalt and concrete after your house falls apart: report

The word ‘slap’ has become a catchphrase used to describe the way asphalt chips away at the foundations of your home and you end up with a pile of rubble.But when the ground is still in place, there’s nothing that can be done to stop the earth from sinking, according to experts.“There’s no physical way […]

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