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How to make a cheap, easy and versatile ‘shingles’ installation

If you’ve ever wondered how you can get cheap, fast and easy shingles on your driveway, you can now have a real answer.These DIY instructions come from one of our favorite bloggers, Paul Ryan, who has put together this fantastic video detailing how to install your very own shingle in your driveway.Paul Ryan explains the […]

The Latest: ‘Toxic’ asphalt shingle installation to be phased out by 2020

By 2020, asphalt shings will be phased-out and replaced with a cheaper alternative to asphalt.A report by the Centre for Climate Change and the Environment (CCCE) says the change could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by between 6 per cent and 9 per cent by 2030.It recommends the government make an example of installing asphalt shinging […]

How to Install asphalt shingle installation

By Mark McNeil | Updated January 23, 2019 1:20pmA new way of installing asphalt shingle in your home is emerging.It’s called permeable asphalt.It’s designed to provide a smoother and safer installation, allowing the pavement to adhere to the shingle without a coating of concrete.It can also offer a softer, more durable coating of asphalt than […]

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