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What are the benefits and risks of using sealers?

Asphalt sealers are used to seal asphalt roads to prevent cracking and damage to road surfaces and bridges.They also protect the road surface from rain and snow, keep roadways free of debris and water, and help prevent corrosion.They are also widely used in the construction industry and to seal the edges of buildings.A typical asphalt […]

Aussie driver to get hit by a bus after using street paint as a roof

Australian driver Alex Fauci is set to be hit by an oncoming bus after he used street paint to cover his car’s windshield.The accident happened at about 2:15am yesterday on the M4 in Queensland.Alex Fauccis car has been damaged, and police are appealing for witnesses.“It’s quite serious.It’s a major traffic hazard on the motorway, and […]

The tech industry has a new term for when the tech industry is in the toilet

The tech sector is in a “terrible” place, according to a report by consulting firm Technomic.The report, called “The Technology Sector: What It’s Doing Right Now and What It Needs to Do Better,” says the tech sector has become increasingly dependent on government assistance.Technomic’s report is based on an analysis of a variety of data […]

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